20+ Best Mismatched Nail Ideas You’ll Want to Try


Picking just one design for your manicure can feel like an impossibly difficult task. With endless options, how can we possibly know if we want to solely commit to florals, geometric shapes, or solid monochromatic strokes? It’s in those moments of indecisiveness that we’re ever so grateful for mismatched manicures. When you have more than one idea or you want to try different trends at once, mix your prints, colors, and aesthetics. Spruce up your next set and consider one of these 20+ best mismatched summer nail ideas.

Abstract Art

Borrow inspo from various aesthetics! A bright color scheme that reminds us of 80s aerobics wear combines with gold foil to make nostalgic abstract art.

Artsy Strokes

We love these different colored artsy strokes! No two are alike, but they all complement each other. Keep the lines and colors on opposite spectrums to really mix things up.

Aura Nails

Aura nails are here to stay. Check out this multi-color gradient design topped off with dot art. Mirror your mani by doing the same color scheme on the opposite finger.

Barbie Style

Inspired by different Barbie ‘fits, this mismatch set is an elevated, adult take on the doll vibe. Use tape to keep the lines even and a dotting tool to make perfect circles.

Colorful Swirls

Every inch of these short nails is maximized with bright colorful swirl designs. The fun part of this mani is that there’s no set pattern — just bright shades swirling on each finger.

Flower Power Vibes

A lot is happening here: colorful French tips, cutesy icons, checkered print, rainbow swirls. And we’re obsessed! Such strong designs give sweet superpower vibes

Gradient Dried Flowers

A true work of art, this mani is quite picturesque with a glitter gradient accented with dried flowers. Choose a similar color scheme if you want tropical vibes.

Groovy Prints

Settle on a theme, like ’70s groove, and design each nail with complementing elements. This set proves there are endless ways to do mismatch nail art. Some nails are checkered, while others are painted with tiny flowers and fruit.

Happy Art

Keep the pinky and thumb solid while doing artsy designs on the three middle fingers. Instead of small intricate art, this set features a singular bold design on each mismatched nail.

Mixed Fruit Nails

This fruity nail art is brought to life with textured and 3D design. Berries and citrus are perfect for spring and summer, and you can change the fruits based on the season.

Mixed Tips

This long square-shaped set is the definition of mismatch! With different vibes, each tip gives us a different feel. Whether you’re feeling groovy, dainty, or wild, there’s something to satisfy every mood.

Neon Mixed Prints

These neon nails are busy in the best way! Two contrasting shades create an abstract print on each finger. Bring some balance and center the finished look by painting one nail in neutral colors.

Pink and Purple Combo

Shades of pink and purple team up for a fun and feminine mani! Bring some balance to the business of it all with soft shades of pastel.

Psychedelic Art

Drips and blots in highly saturated colors give these almond-shaped nails a psychedelic flair. Keep the edges curved so that the art feels seamless and fluid.

Rainbow Animal Prints

Bright colors, glitter, wild prints — this Lisa Frank-inspired design is satisfying our inner child! To really land the blast from the past aesthetic, pick a vibrant glitter polish as your base.

Shades of Blue

Tie-dye, French tips, a windmill, and evil eye nail art make for a cool mismatch set! Keeping the same shades of blue and white ensures that the nails complement each other.

Silver Rainbow

A holographic glitter base is the perfect backdrop for bright rainbow nail art. Swirls, flowers, and butterflies are very much giving unicorn fantasy. If you love to sparkle, this set will help you stand out like the star you are.

Skittle Pastels

Get into this set inspired by fruity confections! Perfect for the summer season, five colors of the rainbow make clean and solid strokes on each nail.

Symmetrical Tips

Inspired by the classic French manicure, this mismatch set features trimmed tips and asymmetrical color blocking. While each nail features a different color scheme, the negative space and repeated pattern still bring cohesion.

Varicolored Crocodile Print

Animal print nails are always a fun go-to. Put a new spin on them by creating the same print in different colors on each nail.

Whimsical Statements

Less is more, until more is more. No two nails are the same, as this mani features smiley faces, flowers, blingy gradients, and other whimsical designs. If you dare to go as bold, give your manicurist free range and just trust the process!



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