18+ Cute Beach Nails Vacation Simple You’ll Want to Try


Vacation booked, bags packed, beach-ready manicure loading. What is it about jetting off on a holiday that really sets our nail aspirations on fire? Even the most subtle and minimalist amongst us seem to shed their usual, paired-back polish for neon nail looks, richly gilded details, and an array of warm-weather manicures. On the beach, anything goes for your nails. Everything from short, sporty lengths to vampy tips look great seaside. Bright colors and metallic polishes thrive against tanned skin but, equally, barely-there iridescence and almost-naked nails give off a refreshing, instantly beachy vibe that perfectly encapsulates summer. To prove it, we’ve rounded up 18+ cute beach nails vacation simple. Find your fave below.

Aqua Reptile

Pool water or reptilian replica? Either way, this light blue nail look features pale shades of blue that give off a beachy, by-the-sea vibe.

Aquamarine Swirl

Excuse us while we swoon over this stunning aquamarine swirl nail art. Nail artist Phoebe Cascarina created this look using Lights Lacquer Polish in the shades Big Fish and Eat My Shorts. To create the pale blue, she mixed the shade Paper Snow into Eat My Shorts. While you might be better off leaving this nail look to the pros, you can try your hand at DIY-ing with a fine-lining brush and a little patience.

Aura Manicure

Mystics say that the sun and sea are two of the greatest energy-givers. This subtle aura set not only radiates with positive energy but also complements newly sunkissed skin.

Beachy Sheen

Manicure minimalists rejoice! Going bare doesn’t always mean going completely bare. This barely there glazed mani is perfect for replicating a natural, beachy sheen and amplifying that oh-so coveted vacation glow.

Chic Shells

Gold shells, gold foil, a sprinkle of glitter, and tiny pearls make this neutral mani undeniably glam.

Cobalt Coral

This abstract blue and white mani makes us think of coral, the ocean, and Matisse all at once. It’s a fun take on a beachy nail look but one that will definitely require a steady hand to recreate. If you attempt to DIY, nail artist Brittney Ellen used Lights Lacquer Polishes in the shades Barry and Misfit Toys.

Fiji Nails

Inspired by Fiji Water, this 3D nail art is beachy beyond measure. Just know that this level of precision will likely require the hand of a professional nail artist to recreate.

Mermaid Glass

For an under-the-sea moment, consider a 3D manicure with major mermaid vibes. To recreate this look, you’ll need iridescent polish and a nail artist skilled with builder gel.

Nautical Mix

With crisp white tips and nautical blue hues, this mix-and-match manicure is as coastal as it gets. We love how the subtle nod to seaside chic can easily transition from the sand to the boardwalk.

Neon Brights

Neons for the beach? An absolute must. If you typically shy away from bright manis, consider giving them a go on your next beach holiday. Or reserve neon for your toes and pair them with a more neutral mani. To us, nothing screams sandal-ready like a bold, bright pedicure.

Pearlescent Depths

There’s something so calming about looking into the crystal clear depths of ocean water. Bring the same pearlescent tranquility to your nails with this iridescent manicure.

Sandy Tips

A traditional French mani with vanilla-toned tips (and 3D texture) gets a beachy upgrade courtesy of those dimensional swirls.

Seascapes Aplenty

Feeling especially artsy? These mini seascape vignettes are full of coastal allure.

Seashell Tips

We challenge you to find a more beachy manicure than this hyper-realistic seashell design. This set is perfect for a beach getaway or for when you’re daydreaming of a seaside holiday.

Sun and Sand

This shimmery blue, gold, and white set screams summer. One glance and we’re dreaming of long sunny days spent with our toes in the warm sand with crystal-clear blue waters stretching out in front of us. To create the look, nail artist Brittney Ellen used ILNP Nail Polish in Zero Degrees and Amber and Lights Lacquer Polish in Paper Snow and Adaline.

Sunset Gradient

Beach days aren’t all about spectacular blue hues. This sunset-inspired gradient capitalizes on the magic of golden hour cocktails.

Tidal Marble

Looking for a more beach-specific nail look? This marbled mani reminds us of the tide swirling in, and the gold flakes give it a luxe appeal.

Turquoise Squiggle

For a bold nail look that’s somewhat minimalist, opt for a bordered squiggle design in a bright, glittery blue—you can see how stunning it looks when paired with a sheer neutral base. The exact color used is the Mooncat Polish in the shade Snake Charmer.

Turquoise Tips

Turquoise is a beachy shade in and of itself—and when you add a metallic finish, it takes it up a notch to mermaid levels. Needless to say, we love the look of this chic, shimmery turquoise French mani. The polish used to create this look is the Starrily Designer Nail Lacquer in the shade Bellatrix.



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